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A Post Script by Keim: Gold Stars for Parents

For many years now, I have carried some Gold Star stickers in the side pocket of my datebook. The Gold Stars are for one purpose, to give them to a parent whom I see interacting or handling their child or children in a most loving, caring, patient, or thoughtful manner. The occasions occur in grocery stores, in restaurants, at airports, or wherever. When I observe such an event, often saying to myself, "WOW! That parent is really handling this situation well!" - then, I do the following.

The parent is approached and I say to them in a friendly tone: "Trust me; I want to give you something. Would you please get out your billfold (or wallet)? I'm not going to steal it from you. I just want to give you something." As I'm saying that, I'm also start to getting my own datebook out of my side pocket and pulling out the sheet of Gold Stars. When the parent gets out their billfold (no one has ever refused), I ask them to open it up. Invariably, there is some open space on the inside covering of the wallet. I then say, "I want to put this Gold Star here, as a reminder to you of what a good parent you are," and we select a good place to put it. "It was very sweet (or 'a pleasure') to have just watched you and your child interact. You've been handling the situation so well (or 'It has been a delight to see you both.'). I wish you the very best," smiling at them during these last couple of sentences, as I center the star in the open space. And then we both move along with whatever we were doing. It will give you a joy to have an occasion to give one to a parent and see the grateful and pleased reaction. Don't do it for just every good parent behavior; wait for those "WOW" occasions.

If you ever have trouble finding some small sheets of Gold Stars, search the internet for 'gold star stickers.' If still having problems finding them, we'll send you a small sheet if you just send a self-addressed stamped envelope with a dollar enclosed to Wisdom for Parents, 512 Mariner Point Drive, Clinton, TN 37716.