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Links to Authors

The following authors of articles in Wisdom for Parents have provided these URLs pertaining to their work:

Bold, Mary:  www.marybold.com
Her web site combines her research interests in educational technology, online education, and higher education assessment. She is also a co-author of a textbook for college internships in the child and family professions, as noted on this web site; 

Bredehoft, David J.:  http://overindulgence.info/
Also see:  http://homepages.csp.edu/bredehoft/index.html

This site is dedicated to research on the overindulgence of children and teaching parents what to do instead. Overindulgence is much more than spoiling children. Our site is meant to be informative and educational. We hope you come back often to find New Stories about Overindulgence; News about our Overindulgence Research; Author Appearances in your area; Ideas to Help You with Your Overindulgence Issues and more. One of the most helpful resources is "How Much is Enough?" a book about overindulgence written for parents, parent-educators, and other professionals who are concerned about overindulgence, what it does to children, and what to do instead.

Bronstein, Marc H.:  www.informaworld.com/parenting
Editor of the journal, Parenting: Science and Practice:

Clarke, Jean Illsley:  www.overindulgence.info
Information about the Overindulgence Research Studies, the How Much Is Enough? book and Leader's Guide, and the authors.  Stories and helpful articles for parent and family educators:  

Cote-Reilly, Linda R.: http://www.marymount.edu/spotlightDetails.aspx
Professional “faculty spotlight” for Dr. Cote at Marymount University, Arlington, VA.

Davenport, Alice B.:  http://e-familylifeeducation.blogspot.com/
Resolving family life issues and conflicts by better understanding the why, what, how of family structure: 

DeBord, Karen:  www.possibilityparenting.com
Parenting is a private issue, one that is often difficult to discuss with others. Possibility Parenting offers a listening ear with ready resources. Dr. Karen DeBord is at the heart of Possibility Parenting

Galazzi, Marcia Pioppi:  www.brewsterdaycamp.com  and  www.thefamilyschools.com
These are programs which put parents in charge of their children's education and recreation. They include links to parent information and a personal column.

Garrison, Cynthia, R.:  www.cgresources.org
Our goal at CG Resources is to provide proactive education, support, and encouragement, to today’s growing and changing areas of parenting, teaching, and training through research based curriculum and practical, real life, easy to implement, strategies.

Goddard, Wally H.:  www.betweenparentandchild.com   
Also, see
occasional videos at www.arfamilies.org
Information, links, lessons, and video of Haim Ginott and his great work. 

Jacobson, Arminta Lee: http://www.coe.unt.edu/
Center for Parent Education website at the University of North Texas provides resources for professionals.             
Also, see faculty profile at:  https://faculty.unt.edu/editprofile.php?pid=2057&onlyview=1

Keim, Robert E.:  www.wisdomforparents.com
Email address: rekeim@niu.edu

Nievar, Amgela:  www.coe.unt.edu /nievar
University of North Texas faculty page.

Ozretich, Rachel:  http://parentingresearch.org
This site contains ideas and research-based information for parents, and also best practices information for those planning to fund or build quality parenting education programs or services; and links to other useful and related web resources.” 

Pawel, Jody:  http://parentstoolshop.org/
Discover a treasure trove of educational resources for parents, family-service professionals and parent educators, including: books, e-courses, multimedia resources, live workshops, and parent educator certification. All reference the award-winning book, The Parent’s Toolshop. Check out tons of freebies at

Powell, Lane:  www.drlanepowell.com
Coaching organizations, families and individuals for effective leadership, relationships, and conflict resolution.

Rose, Amelia I.: www.familylifeed.org
Comprehensive counseling ministries.

Small, Cynthia Jackson:  http://familydimensionz.net/
Family Dimensions is a consulting organization that offers parent education classes, professional development for teachers, and professional consultations to support schools with parent involvement programs. 

Van Putten-Gardner, Kimberly Y.:  http://affinitycfls.com
Affinity Counseling and Family Life Services, L.L.C. assists individuals and families in facing the challenges of life. We focus on helping the individual to attain personal growth and mental health. Support services are also available for family members and loved ones that are essential to the continued growth of the individual client. The services provided by Affinity: Counseling and Family Life Services, LLC, include: Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Family Life Education.

For other authors who provided no professional URL:  One may seek to contact them through their affiliated organization or by contacting the senior editor at:  rekeim@niu.edu