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I.Wisdom for Children of All Ages

“I Gotta Be Me:” Each Child is Unique
Cynthia R. Garrison

What Every Growing Person Needs: Basic care, Stimulation, Guidance, Love and Affirmation
Lane H. Powell
Empowering Children
Dorothea M. Rogers

Invest 5 to Save 10
Karen DeBord

Teaching Kids to Lie? What Parents’ Actions Really Say
Jody Johnston Pawel

Tune In, Turn Off
Karen DeBord

“Can You Afford It?”
Elizabeth B. Carroll

Did You Have Fun?
Jean Illsley Clarke

Giving Allowances
David J. Bredehoft

Raising Sexually Healthy Children
Sharon M. Ballard & Kevin H. Gross

Teaching Children to be Peacemakers
Beverly Johnson Biehr
Caring Parents Actively Teach Their Children to Care
Brian Jory & Rachel Breece

A Small World Families Live In: Six Degrees of Separation
Kristie Chandler

Nurturing Traditions: Nurturing Family
Arminta Lee Jacobson

Where I’m From
Mark Sfeir

Imperfection Is Perfectly Fine
Margaret E. Machara

II. Wisdom for Family Interaction

Parental Investment
Jerry Cook
Surprise: Our Children Still Need and Want Us
Sterling Kendall Wall

Lessons Learned Around the Dinner Table
Peggy North-Jones

Family Stress: Don’t Dodge it
Mumbe S. Kithakye

“I’m Sorry”
Robert E. Keim

“I Forgive You”
Sharon McGroder

Change: One Step at a Time
Wendy Middlemiss

Parenting in the African American Middle/Upper Middle Class
Susan D. Toliver

Commuter Marriages with Children: Benefits and Cautions
Richard S. Glotzer

2 Eyes, 2 Ears and 1 Mouth: Communication Tools
Deborah J. Thomason

Communication: The Key to Student Success
Cynthia J. Small

When Parents Don’t Agree
Donna Raycraft

The Necessary Rules for Healthy Fighting
John H Gagnon

Covering For the Absent Parent
Kathy Lettieri

III. Wisdom in Guiding Children: Specific Suggestions for All Age

The Spectrum of Light: Element of Truth in Each Idea
Robert E. Keim           
Discipline—“To Teach”
Dawn Cassidy

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Being Role Models for Our Children
Kimberly Van Putten-Gardner
Give Children Good Choices
Hilary A. Rose

Which Way? Giving Toddlers Control
Dawn Cassidy
Parenting Using “While Activities”
Jerica Berge           
“In a Minute”
Rebecca A. Adams

Teaching the Right Lessons: They Will Do as You Do
Cameron Lee                 
Intentional Parenting: What’s Your Goal?
Cameron Lee

Is “Good Job!” Enough?
Jean Illsley Clarke
Compassionate Parenting: A Case Study
H. Wallace Goddard

Grounding—by the Rules
Joyce M. Buck
Like Persian Carpets: Perfection Not Required
Clara Gerhardt

IV. Wisdom in Guiding Children: Some Classic Approaches

Parenting with Style
Kevin H. Gross
First Compassion, Then Teaching
H. Wallace Goddard

Avoid Nagging by Using Natural and Logical Consequences
Hilary A. Rose

Using Parent/Child Contracts
Alice B. Davenport

V. Wisdom for Relationships in the Family

First Time Parents: Four Principles for Strengthening the Marriage
Jerry Cook
Best-Friend Parents
David J. Bredehoft

Helping Siblings Resolve Conflicts
Rachel Ozretich
Tact Between Mother and Daughter
Mary Bold
Under the Clock Tower, My Father’s Wisdom: Teaching Forgiveness   
Gregory R. Janson           
The Bouquet of Parenting
Clara Gerhardt
The Marriage Legacy: Showing Respect in Handling Differences
Charles L. Cole
Couple Attachment Moments
Jerica Berge                       
The Empty Nest Couple: Thinking Ahead
Dorothea M. Rogers

Parenting: Today, Tomorrow and Always
Clara Gerhardt

Children Develop on Their Own Timetable
Linda R. Cote & Marc H. Bornstein

VI. Wisdom for the Early Years: Infants to Young Children

Parent-Infant Bonding: Its Role and Importance
Elizabeth Morgan Russell

Save As: . . . You – My Daughter
Marcia Pioppi Galazzi

The Feeling Child
Sharon M. Ballard

“As the Twig is bent; so grows the Tree:” Making the Early Years Count
Amelia I. Rose

Choosing Quality Child Care
M. Angela Nievar           

Why Read to Your child?
Aimee Carmichael
Can’t We Just Play?
Jean Illsley Clarke

Toys for Infants and Toddlers: Learning through Play
M. Angela Nievar

VII. Wisdom for Middle Childhood to Teens

Rewards to Encourage: Spark an Interest in Reading
Mary Bold

Taking Candy from Strangers
Mary Bold
Don’t Go to Acapulco
Anne C. Chambers
Sex and Tweeners
Diana Stephens
Preparing Daughters for the World of Boys: Wisdom for Fathers
Scott Stanley Hall           

To Know Him is to Love Him
Anne C. Chambers
Recipe for Raising Helpless Teenagers: Overindulgence
David J. Bredehoft
Know Your Children’s Friends
Judi Hirschinger Brenner

VIII. Wisdom to be “Read Aloud” Together

SaraKay Smullens

Loyalty in the Family: What It Is and Is Not
SaraKay Smullens
Taking Back Family Meal Times
Donna Raycraft

The Practice Credit Card
Mary Bold

Blame the Folks
Mary Bold
Incremental Decision Making & the Tipping Point
Anne C. Chambers
Growing Son to Man
Marcia Pioppi Galazzi
Best Gift for Your Children? Choosing the “Other Parent” Wisely!
Kathy Lettieri

IX. Wisdom of the Ages

Robert E. Keim, Arminta Jacobson, &Jo Ann Engelbrecht


A.  Discussion Guidelines
B.  Issues to Raise When Discussing an Article
C.  Various Reasons for Children’s ‘Misbehaving’
D.  When You Feel Like Yelling, Screaming, or Slamming the   Door: Alternatives—to   
      Communicate More Effectively

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